Dental & Cosmetic Treatment

We provide a range of services to maintain and improve the health of your teeth, with several treatment options allowing you to choose the best option suited for you.
Our services include:

• White fillings (Tooth coloured)
• Silver fillings ( Amalgam)
Tooth Whitening
• Hygienist Care
• Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Cosmetic Dentistry (smile design)
• Tooth Extractions
• Specialist Surgical Tooth extractions ( including Wisdom teeth)
• Dental Implants to replace missing teeth
• Flexible Dentures
• Acrylic/Metal dentures
• Treatment of Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)
• Orthodontics
• Oral Hygiene Advice
• Six months smile

Cosmetic Treatment

Read about sedation

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