Please find our prices below, which are given as a guide only. All treatment is tailored to the individuals needs and therefore an itemized estimate is given prior to the commencement of a course of treatment.

Payment can be made either at the start of the treatment or at each visit.

Private Patients
New patient exam £30.00
Recall Examination £25.00
Small X- Rays (digital) £16.53 per x-ray
Hygienist appointment (30 minutes) £58.00


Amalgam fillings from £82.00
Amalgam – Large from £90.00
White fillings from £90.00
White fillings – Large from £120.00
Fissure sealing £20.00 per tooth

Root Canal Treatment

Incisors and canines from £180.00
Premolars from £280.00
Molars from £380.00


Simple Extraction from £82.68
Surgical extraction from £160
Wisdom Tooth Extraction from £170

Crown & bridgework

Gold crown from £395.00
Porcelain bonded to metal crown from £495.00
All ceramic crown from 695.00
Porcelain veneer From £450.00 per tooth
Re cement crown/veneer £45.00
Emergency temporary crown £60.00
Bridge unit from £450.00
Implant (inc crown) from £1,950.00


Flexi Denture – Flexible Denture from £750.00 per Arch
Flexi Denture with Cobalt chrome from £850.00 per Arch
Full upper and lower from £900.00
Partial chrome cobalt based (each) from £680.00
Partial acrylic based (each) from £550.00
Addition of tooth to denture from £75.00 (plus extractions if required)
Teeth Whitening (Home kit) £295.00/arch


Botox per site from £200
Dermal Fillers per 1ml from £300.00
Medical Microdermabrasion from £75.00

6 months Smile

1 arch from £2000
2 arches from £3250


Please be aware that these prices are rough guides and can vary with individual patient and cases. Please call the surgery for a more up to date information. Dental treatments are bespoke, so a list of every treatment available would run to thousands and would be confusing. Only the most familiar treatments are listed above. If you are interested in a treatment that you do not see listed please ask give us a call on 01322 527 415.

Terms of Payment

Please note that we accept payment by cash, cheque or by credit and debit cards on the day of treatment or in pre-arranged installments for larger courses of treatment.


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